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Who Can Do Yoga?

Everyone, all levels, abilities and ages will benefit greatly from yoga. At CPY, you are simply encouraged to be yourself, and honor where you are in the present moment. It is your yoga practice, the yoga postures can be modified to fit you, and you’ll be guided to embrace your grace on the mat. You will feel empowered as your mind, body, and spirit are harmonized.

Become a Yogi

Develop a regular yoga practice, and see what it can do for you. It’s scientifically proven to positively enhance all aspects of your body, mind and spirit. Let your yoga journey begin, with dedication you can reap the amazing benefits of yoga.

Carolina Power Yoga specializes in an empowering vinyasa yoga that challenges your body, inspires your spirit, and calms your mind. This transformative practice will make you feel revitalized, aware, centered, joyous and peaceful.

Empowering You~Harmonizing Mind Body Spirit

Carolina Power Yoga offers inspiring flowing yoga classes on the beach. Experience Beach Yoga with graceful movement through asanas utilizing “ocean sounding breath”, creating a dance like sequence, moving meditation. A yoga practice will transform your body, uplift your soul and give you “peace of mind”. Begin  your yoga journey. Increase your strength, serenity, flexibility, stamina, and achieve equanimity.


Flow into Your Days

EmPOWERing Vinyasa Yoga Cultivate your strength, flexibility and grace, while attaining peace and relaxation.

“A wonderful “home away from home” to get my yoga fix. I always “go” to the beach at home during final shavasana and now I can experience it for my entire practice. There’s simply nothing better than beach yoga.”

We are enjoying a great BEACH YOGA Photography Season! Come down to flow on the beach and enjoy our gallery of pictures from all sessions!

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